Susan Walpole - From Camels to Colouring Books!

Susan Walpole spent 25 years living in The Middle East, supplying the tourist and local Arab & Expat population with cards and gifts from her own designs. Her products were well known throughout The Gulf where she was known as 'The Original Camel Lady.'


After graduating from university in 1986 and having moved to Abu Dhabi to teach, Susan was looking for an outlet for her creativity. Having no formal art training, Susan developed her own style of drawing and painting which came to the attention of local collectors and businesses. After receiving commissions to decorate a number of large hotels, Susan left teaching to become a freelance artist. This break led to her setting up a number of shops and outlets in various malls in Dubai and eventually led to over a million products being produced and sold all over the Gulf in hotels, duty free shops and large companies as well as supplying shops in addition to her own.

Products including her own range of China, fabric, stationary,cards and soft toy camels and t-shirts all featuring her Arabian themed designs.


Feeling homesick and missing the countryside and her family in Norfolk, Susan returned to England in 2011.


Now settled in their Norfolk cottage surrounded by the beautiful countryside and wildlife. Susan spends her days designing and making her products whilst her husband runs the business side of things.

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