What a coincidence ....

Having spent the last week finishing a horse & stable design for my new book, I felt deeply moved upon hearing this poem read by a dear lady who helps out at RIDING FOR THE DISABLED, to donate some colouring books ...

Thank you for the lovely letters I received....a wonderful charity..keep up the good work 💕 I saw a child who couldn’t walk Get on a horse, laugh and talk Then ride it through a field of daises And yet it could not walk unaided I saw a child no legs blow Sit on a horse, and make it go Through wood of green and places he had never been To sit and stare, except from a chair I saw a child who could only crawl Mount a horse, and sit up tall Then put it through degrees of paces And laugh at he wonder in our faces I saw a child born in to strife Take up and hold the reins of life And that same child, was heard to say Thank God for showing me the way~

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